Advocacy Letters

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Bill/Topic Summary Position
AB 12 (Cooley) Review of state regulations Support
AB 173 (Holden) City of La Verne Golf Carts Support
AB 184 (Garcia) Small Business Technical Assistance Support
AB 288 (Holden) Concurrent Enrollment Support
AB 357 (Chiu) Fair Scheduling Act of 2015 Support
AB 463 (Chiu) Pharmaceutical Cost Transparency Act Support
AB 857 (Perea) CA Clean Truck, Bus, Off-Road Vehicle Program Support
AB 1455 (Gomez-Rodriguez) Ontario Airport bonds Support
ABX1-1 (Alejo) Transportation funding Support
ABX1-2 (Perea) Public-private partnerships Support
SBX1-1 (Huff) Transportation funding Support
SB 32 (Pavley) CA Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 Oppose
SB 66 (Leyva) Career Pathways Program Support
SB 148 (Leyva) Career and Job Skills Act Support
SB 359 (Mitchell) State Math Testing Support
SB 425 (Hernandez) ROP Federal funding Support
SB 485 (Hernandez) LA County Sanitation District Stormwater Support
SB 563 (Pan) Workers' Compensation Review Oppose
SB 767 (De Leon) LA County Transportation Ballot Measure Support
SCA5 (Hancock-Mitchell) Split Roll Constitutional Amendment Oppose
Transportation Principles Special Transportation Session Principles Comments
Ontario Airport transfer (with Chambers) Expedition of FAA transfer approval Request
Metro Bus Route -Pasadena to Bob Hope Request Metro to approve a new bus line Request
HR 925 (Hahn) Funding for freight infrastructure Support
S. 574 (Booker/Scott) LEAP Act Support
S. 1894 (Feinstein) California Emergency Drought Relief Act Support

2015 Coalition Letters supported by the Partnership:

Bill/Topic Summary Position
HR 348 (U.S. Chamber)  RAPID Act Support
S. 280 (U.S. Chamber)  Federal Permitting Improvement Act Support
S. 1140 (U.S. Chamber)  Federal Water Quality Protection Act Support
S. 2006 (U.S. Chamber)  Regulatory Accountability Act of 2015 Support
New Federal Ozone Standards (U.S. Chamber) Comments
2016 AQMP (BizFed) Comments
Integrated Freight Action Plan Funding for study of economic competitiveness Comments
Sustainable Freight Strategy Survey Comments
CARB-CAPCOA Risk management Comments
SB 32 (Pavley) - CEQA Working Group Oppose
Transportation Priorities (REAL Coalition) Support
California Water Fix (Coalition) Support
SCAQMD Rule for OEHHA Air Toxics (Coalition) Comments
Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project (Coalition) Support