About the Partnership

Mission: Enrich the quality of life and economic vitality of the San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership is a regional, non-profit corporation supported and directed by its members and committed to the continued successful economic development of the San Gabriel Valley. A collaboration of business, local government, institutions of higher education and non-profit organizations, the Partnership pursues this commitment by engaging in public policy, marketing the San Gabriel Valley, fostering the success of business, and connecting people, companies, and organizations in the San Gabriel Valley.

Fostering the Success of Business

Through its business assistance programs, the Partnership helps local businesses with a variety of challenges including problem-solving between businesses and government agencies, obtaining job training or qualified staff, accessing resources and incentives, permit assistance and licensing, public financing programs and more. The Partnership also focuses on the development and implementation of educational programs that prepare students for employment in the San Gabriel Valley. Additionally, the Partnership commissions and maintains an extensive library of economic data and resources.

Engaging in Public Policy

The Partnership is a respected voice on business issues and advocates for public policies that support the region’s economy. Through its member-based Legislative Action Committee, the Partnership endorses legislation and public policies that encourage economic growth in the San Gabriel Valley, provides a forum for discussing issues important to the region, and aides its members in navigating the political process. The Partnership also hosts events throughout the year that provide business leaders with opportunities to meet the San Gabriel Valley’s federal, state, and county elected officials.

Marketing the San Gabriel Valley

Through its various marketing initiatives, the Partnership promotes the San Gabriel Valley to attract businesses and tourists with the goal of increasing the economic vitality of the region. Its member-based marketing and tourism committee manages a business attraction website and a tourism website that provide information about the benefits of doing business or visiting the region. The Partnership also attends industry expos and other events to market the San Gabriel Valley.

Connecting People, Companies and Organizations

The Partnership hosts educational and social events throughout the year, including the San Gabriel Valley Economic Outlook, the San Gabriel Valley Awards Gala, and the San Gabriel Valley Legislative Networking Reception. These provide members with opportunities to connect with leaders in business, higher education, and government. The Partnership also hosts a number of members-only events including issue-specific roundtables and forums, speakers luncheons, and legislative breakfasts.


The Partnership is primarily funded by membership dues and special events. Membership dues invest in the long term success of the region and provide member companies and organizations with strategic partnerships throughout the community, up-to-date information on business and political issues, economic data and resources, and many other member benefits. The Partnership Board of Directors is comprised of key member representatives from businesses, colleges, universities and cities who have a stake in the economic vitality of the region.




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