City of Claremont


Population: 36,457
Average Household Income: $118,783

Located approximately 30 miles east of Los Angeles, Claremont is a prestigious community consisting of 35,000 residents and 140 acres of developed parks and tree-lined streets. The City’s development has always been closely associated with the academically acclaimed Claremont Colleges: a consortium of five undergraduate and two graduate higher education institutions. The community takes pride in its rich cultural, educational and architectural heritage, as well as its small-town atmosphere.

Known throughout the region for its stately and beautiful single-family homes (many of historical significance), Claremont also offers condominiums, townhouses, and apartment living to meet varied needs and lifestyles.

In balance with residential development, there are thriving commercial and major industrial centers in Claremont as well as the historical downtown "Village."

The City has a well-educated, professional, and skilled labor force; quality and diversified residential areas; and excellent educational and recreational facilities. These attributes—along with progressive, well-managed City government and intense interest in community and cultural activities—make Claremont an ideal place to live and to conduct business. Visit City Website


Key Information

Business Incentives

The Claremont Municipal Code requires most businesses operating or performing a service within Claremont to apply for and retain a business license (Business Tax Certificate). These include but are not limited to:
-Any business in a retail, commercial, or industrial location.
-Persons who have a home office or use their home as the headquarters of their business.
-Businesses that are located outside of Claremont, but transact business within Claremont such as contractors, gardeners, repair people, consultants, etc.
-Commercial or residential property owners renting two or more units.u to get your plans approved and your business open as soon as possible.

Major Employers

Claremont Colleges
Claremont Unified School District
HiRel Connectors
City of Claremont
Claremont Auto Center

City Facts

Much of what Claremont is today is the direct result of actions taken by the community's founders more than 100 years ago. Trees planted at the turn of the century now compete with nearby mountain peaks for dominance of the local skyline. The Claremont Colleges have become some of the nation's most highly respected educational and cultural institutions. The historic central core remains a vital residential and retail district, one of the last true "downtowns" in the region. And the spirit of Claremont's original "town meeting" form of self-governance lives on in today's active and involved citizenry—citizens who continue to build on the successes of the past in order to ensure an even brighter future.

Key City Contacts

Economic Development Consultant

Erik Westedt
207 Harvard Ave. P.O. Box 880 Claremont, CA 91711

Director of Community Development

Brian Desatnik
207 Harvard Ave. P.O. Box 880 Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 399-5342

City Manager

Tony Ramos
207 Harvard Ave. P.O. Box 880 Claremont, CA 91711-0880
(909) 399-5441

Chamber of Commerce

205 Yale Avenue, Claremont CA 91711
(909) 624-1681



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