City of Covina


Population: 49,159
Median Home Value: $456,200
Median Household Income: $64,848

Covina, founded in 1882, is seven square miles and located in the heart of the East San Gabriel Valley, approximately 22 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. It is centered in the midst of Interstate freeways 10, 210, and 605, and State Route 57. Covina’s population is approximately 47,880 yet, back in 1900, it was known as one of the smallest cities in the whole country. Visit City Website


Key Information

Business Incentives

Major Employers

Covina Valley Unified School District
Citrus Valley Medical Center
Charter Oak Unified School District
Magan Medical Clinic

City Facts

The renovated Center for the Performing Arts (CCPA) is a $10 million facility that serves as the architectural and entertainment cornerstone of Downtown.

Key City Contacts

Community Development Director

Brian Lee
125 East College Street Covina, CA 91723
(626) 384-5450

Assistant to City Manager

Angel Carrillo
125 East College Street Covina, CA 91723
(626) 384-5410

Interim City Manager

Don Penman
125 East College Street Covina, CA 91723
(626) 384-5410

Chamber of Commerce

Dawn Nelson
935 Badillo St # 100, Covina, CA 91722


Kevin Stapleton

Mayor Pro Tem

Jorge A. Marquez

City Council Member

Peggy A. Delach

City Council Member

John King

City Council Member

Walter Allen, III



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