City of Rosemead


Population: 54,737
Median Home Value: $450,000
Median Household Income: $45,670

Rosemead's appeal as a new kind of small town in the heart of an urban environment is accomplished by honoring tradition, uniting in diversity, and evolving for the future. This is evident in Rosemead’s Key Organizational Goals which aim to: improve public areas including infrastructure and community facilities; enhance public safety and the overall community environment and opportunities for residents through programs, services, education, and recreation; and ensure the City’s financial stability in order to continually meet these goals and provide basic services to the community. Visit City Website


Key Information

Business Incentives

Thank you for choosing the City of Rosemead as a place in which to establish your business. We encourage you to become an active member of our business community, so you can benefit from the market potential Rosemead has to offer.

Major Employers

Southern California Edison
Garvey School District
Panda Restaurant Group
Rosemead School District

City Facts

Rosemead would like to honor and recognize the outstanding commitment and sacrifice of our residents who serve or have served in the Military. The Mayor and the City Council are proud of our Hometown Military Heroes and in keeping with the City’s small town appeal, we are highlighting Soldiers who call Rosemead home on the City’s website.

Key City Contacts

City Manager

Bill Manis
8838 East Valley Boulevard, Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 569-2106

Community Development Director

Michelle Ramirez
8838 East Valley Boulevard, Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 569-2158

Chamber of Commerce

Ray Jan, CEO/Executive Director
3953 N. Mscatel Ave. Rosemed, CA 91770
(626) 288-0811


Sandra Armenta

Mayor Pro Tem

Polly Low

City Council Member

Bill Alarcon

City Council Member

Margaret Clark

City Council Member

Steven Ly



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