City of Walnut


Population: 50,120
Median Home Value: $595,800
Median Household Income: $64,733

Whether you are vacationing with friends or staying in Walnut for business, you will find the City of Walnut offers a variety of amenities to make your visit a pleasure. The City offers shopping and dining as well as recreation facilities to make your free time enjoyable. If you are looking for services to make your business trips efficient, you will find copy centers, office superstores, and restaurants for lunch meetings within our eight square miles.

Key Information

Business Incentives

Walnut is Business "REDI"

Retain, Enhance, Draw, and Improve

Walnut is an economically strong community with tremendous buying power. The median household income and rate of home ownership are substantially higher than other successful retail cities such as Arcadia, Glendale and Irvine. Additionally, the median home value is lower allowing for a higher discretionary income. As a community, we agree that carefully planned economic development is necessary to our continued economic stability and quality of life. We invite you to come prosper with us.

Major Employers

Mt. Sac
Walnut Valley Unified School District

City Facts

The history of Walnut dates back to the Indians who were of Shoshone origin. They were called Gabrielino Indians by the Spaniards because they lived in an area controlled by the San Gabriel Mission. Walnut was primarily used for the grazing of cattle and sheep by the Mission.

Key City Contacts

Director of Community Development

Tom Weiner
21201 La Puente Road P.O. Box 682 Walnut, CA 91789
(909) 595-7543

City Manager

Rob Wishner
21201 La Puente Road P.O. Box 682 Walnut, CA 91789
(909) 595-7543 ext. 300


Eric Ching

Mayor Pro Tem

Mary Su

City Council Member

Bob Pacheco

City Council Member

Andrew Rodriguez

City Council Member

Nancy Tragarz


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