San Gabriel Valley Partnership Launches Marketing Website

By HOWARD FINE, Los Angeles Business Journal

The San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership announced Monday the launch of a new regional economic development website aimed at companies considering relocating or expanding in the San Gabriel Valley.

The new website highlights key growth industries and major local companies, the region’s colleges and universities, and provides basic demographic and economic data. The site can be translated into English, Spanish and Chinese – the San Gabriel Valley has also been a magnet for investment and immigrants from China – and also features selected listings of available development opportunities and commercial and industrial properties with links to local cities or brokers for more information.

“The attractiveness of San Gabriel Valley cities individually is multiplied exponentially when you look at what we can offer as a region,” said Cynthia Kurtz, the partnership’s chief executive.

The site also focuses on the reasons companies choose to do business in SGV, sharing quotes from surveys and interviews of current business owners. Businesses indicated that the region’s location was the biggest draw, citing its easy access to ports and airports and the ability to draw employees from around Southern California.