Partnership supports water efficiency, clean engine incentives, opposes Metro Board meddling, backs San Gabriel Mountains Nat’l Monument

The Partnership voted to support AB 968 (Rubio) and AB 1654 (Rubio), two key water use efficiency bills which propose a comprehensive, consensus-based approach that ensures that urban water suppliers improve water efficiency over the long-term, while balancing available supplies to meet demand during times of drought. Developed with input from experts in the water industry, the two bills would set efficiency targets instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach for water use reduction. The bills require annual reporting and try to encourage further capital investments to increase local water supplies.

The Partnership also backed AB 1274 (O’Donnell) which funds the Carl Moyer Incentive Program by deferring a required smog check from year six to year eight of ownership of newer model cars. The Carl Moyer program provides financial incentives to companies looking to upgrade to newer, cleaner-burning engines and zero-emission equipment fleets.

The Partnership voted to oppose SB 268 (Mendoza), which will dramatically restructure the Metro Board by removing three Supervisors and giving more seats for the Mayor of LA to appoint. With the passage of Measure M last fall, Metro is still sorting through thorny details of how to accelerate projects how best to provide discretionary authority to the prioritization of projects on a regional level while balanced with oversight from Metro. Now is simply a terrible time to reshuffle the Board and expect improved policy outcomes while the agency is tackling dozens and dozens of major projects. The Partnership would like to thank Senator Connie Leyva (D-Chino) and Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) for opposing SB 268.

Finally, the Partnership will send a letter of support for the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument to the Department of Interior. President Trump has ordered a review of national monuments approved in the past 20 years, including the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. The designation of the national monument has brought substantial dollars into the San Gabriel Mountains, allowing the Forest Service to address critical problems with trail maintenance, signage, and access to the mountains. These are substantial improvements to an area that has not received an adequate share of resources in the past. The Partnership believes that this national monument designation has achieved great things for the mountains and our residents. We see no need to eliminate the designation.

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