Political Advocacy

The Partnership advocates for public policies that support the region’s economy and create jobs by:

  • Supporting legislation and public policies that advance our mission
  • Advocating personally with local SGV state and federal legislators for pro-growth policies
  • Providing forums for the discussion of important regional issues
  • Communicating information and ideas that enhance the region’s understanding of key public policy issues
  • Coordinating advocating activities with SGV chambers of commerce and business organizations
  • Working with state and regional business organizations to promote pro-growth policies

The Partnership’s Legislative Action Committee makes recommendations regarding what public policies to endorse by following principles established by its members over many years. The committee has developed a policy platform which is updated and published every two years in the San Gabriel Valley Legislative Guide. The Platform details the Partnership’s positions on key issues including:

Job Creation, Business Friendliness, and Economic Growth
Local Economic Development
Taxation and Budgetary Policy
Employee-Management Relations
Education and Workforce Development
Energy Policy
Environmental Policy
Transportation and Goods Movement

Partnership members have access to weekly legislative updates and alerts on decisions effecting the region's business development, workforce development, infrastructure and quality of life objectives through the Partnership's members-only weekly newsletter. Members may also present legislative matters of concern to the Legislative Action Committee for review.

The Legislative Action Committee sponsors an annual Legislative Networking Reception that provides local community and business leaders with an opportunity to meet their local, state and federal representatives. The Partnership also hosts an annual San Gabriel Valley delegation reception in Sacramento.

For more information on San Gabriel Valley public policy, contact Brad Jensen, Director of Public Policy, at (626) 856-3400.



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