San Gabriel Valley Awards Gala Nominations

This fall, the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership (SGVEP) will host our annual Gala to recognize businesses and leaders that are helping the local economy grow and succeed, and those that are building the community through workforce development and other service.

We will recognize our public partners and other leading agencies with awards in one of the following categories:

    • Business of the Year
    • International Business of the Year
    • CEO/President of the Year
    • Community Service Award
    • Excellence in Workforce Development
    • Historic Landmark for an Important Local Organization/Institution

    Application Process

    Nominations may be submitted until May 3, 2022.

    Submissions can be made via email to (See below for eligibility criteria.) In your email, please include:

    1. Nominee's name, organization, and contact information
    2. Nominator's name, organization, and contact information
    3. A description of why this nominee matches the criteria. What have they contributed to the economic, community, and cultural vitality of the San Gabriel Valley?

    Award Criteria

    Business of the Year

    This award honors a local business who has demonstrated excellence in the past year (or longer) by expanding its employee base, developing the local workforce, contributing to the local economy, or displaying excellence in business practices. This could include, for example, response to a short-term crisis (such as the Covid-19 pandemic or other economic challenges) or a long-term commitment to improving the vitality and quality of life in our region.

    Recent Awardee: Lawrence Equipment (El Monte)

    International Business of the Year

    This award honors a business that has increased the connection between the San Gabriel Valley, the “suburb of the Pacific Rim”, and its business connections internationally. The business must have a substantial presence in the San Gabriel Valley economy.

    Recent Awardees: China Airlines, UPS

    CEO/President of the Year

    This award recognizes a leader who has, either in the past year or through a lifetime of outstanding leadership, increased the economic prosperity and quality of life in the San Gabriel Valley. Preference is given to candidates whose work has a demonstrated record of excellence for the fiscal vitality, community service, or employee quality of life in their organization.

    Recent Awardee: Dr. Devorah Lieberman (University of La Verne)

    Community Service Award

    This award honors an individual whose contributions to the San Gabriel Valley (or a San Gabriel Valley-specific city or area) have markedly improved the quality of life for the local community. This award could be given to elected officials who have specifically worked towards the public good with legislation on a local, county, state, or federal level; or to individuals whose work materially improves the quality of life of San Gabriel Valley residents.

    Recent Awardees: Rep. Grace Napolitano, Mark Cristoffles (ACE)

    Excellence in Workforce Development

    This award honors an organization that has demonstrated commitment to developing skills in the local workforce for the economic prosperity and workforce retention in the San Gabriel Valley.

    Recent Awardees: Oak Crest Institute of Technology (Monrovia), Simply Divine (Monrovia)

    Historic Landmark for an Important Local Institution

    The Partnership traditionally honors a major local institution that is marking a landmark year. These have included cultural institutions, businesses, and for-profits whose presence has lent importance and prosperity to the San Gabriel Valley.

    Recent Awardees: Kaiser Permanente (75th Anniversary), Union Pacific Railroad (100th Anniversary of the Golden Spike/Transcontinental Railroad)

    Eligible Businesses/Organizations

    For a Business or Organization:

    • The award recipient may be a business of any kind or nonprofit organization.
    • The business or organization must have a physical presence in the 31 cities of the San Gabriel Valley, with the addition of Ontario California, through either facility locations or direct services.
    • The business or organization needs to have shown direct work in advocacy for the business community in 2021 by support of the local San Gabriel Valley community

    For Individuals: 

    • If an elected or appointed official, the individual needs to have direct responsibility for the cities and/or unincorporated areas of the San Gabriel Valley.
    • An elected or appointed official’s position and title can include: US Congressmember, State Senator, State Assemblymember, County Supervisor, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, City Councilmember, City Controller, City Attorney, City Clerk, City Treasurer, Water District Board Member, School Board Member, Commissioner or Public Agency Director. (This list is not exhaustive.)
    • If the individual is a private business leader or employee, their work must demonstrate a dedication to improving the business environment, quality of life, or culture of the San Gabriel Valley.

    Selection Process

    Submissions can be received from any SGVEP member in good standing including the members of Partnership member associations (i.e. members of active chambers of commerce and partners of the K12 Foothill Consortium).

    Final selection will be made by the SGVEP’s Board of Directors Executive Committee, with input from the SGVEP CEO and staff. Awardees will be announced in early summer 2022.

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