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SCAQMD staff has proposed two possible approaches for Refinery Committee members to consider: (1) improved safety enhancements or (2) a possible phase-out of Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF). According to the California Energy Commission, a phase-out of MHF could ultimately lead to the shutdown of the Torrance and Wilmington refineries and their fuels production, which would harm the Southern California and state economies through the loss of thousands of jobs and increases in gasoline and other fuel prices throughout the state.

The Committee will revisit this issue on April 28th to receive an update from SCAQMD staff.

Like many of you, we are concerned that the potential viability of the Torrance Refinery could depend on the outcome of the SCAQMD’s rulemaking. However, we are energized by the hundreds of employees, neighbors, business owners, and local leaders who support our operations and understand the significant ramifications if the SCAQMD includes in this rulemaking a phase-out of MHF.


The best action step you can take is to voice your opinion on this critical issue. The best way to do that is to contact SCAQMD Governing Board members in advance of the April 28th Committee meeting, specifically Board Chairperson Dr. William Burke and members of the Refinery Committee, who are Chairperson Dr. Clark Parker, Vice-Chairperson Larry McCallon, Committee Member Dr. Joseph K. Lyou, Committee Member Ben Benoit, and Committee Member Judy Mitchell. Tell them the rulemaking has you concerned about the future of the two refineries; gasoline prices could be significantly impacted by potential supply shortages; and that you want them to support good local jobs for working families and our economy, so they should NOT support a phase-out of MHF and direct SCAQMD staff to focus on safety enhancements in the rulemaking, which we are committed to do.

For more information, please access the Californians for a Sustainable Economy (CaSE) website, which is hosted by a coalition of California residents, businesses, and labor unions who are promoting and support economic sustainability for Californians and the use of MHF by California refineries.

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