SGV Lawmakers Cast Major Votes in Sacramento

Fri, May 24, 2019 9:09 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

SGV Lawmakers Cast Major Votes in Sacramento

IRWINDALE - Major pieces of legislation are moving in Sacramento as bills move out of the Appropriations Committees and on to the floor for a full vote of the Assembly or Senate. SGV lawmakers have cast significant votes on key business bills ranging from biomethane incentives to sugary beverage warning labels and additional environmental reviews for infrastructure projects.

"We are very appreciative of our SGV lawmakers who have been responsive to the Partnership and the local business community, especially Senators Susan Rubio, Bob Archuleta, and Ling Ling Chang, and Assemblymemembers Blanca Rubio, Freddie Rodriguez and Philip Chen," said Partnership President and CEO Bill Manis. "They're listening to their constituents here in the San Gabriel Valley and voting accordingly."

Here's a rundown of key bills the Partnership has been engaged on in the past week along with the votes of our SGV state legislators:

SB 307 (Roth): This bill adds another round of environmental review for the Cadiz Water Project, which has already completed the full environmental review process including litigating the results in several court cases. The Partnership opposes this bill which sets a terrible precedent of adding more environmental reviews for major or controversial infrastructure projects at the whim of the legislature rather than accepting the results of the established review process.

SB 307 passed the Senate with 21 ayes, 11 noes, and 6 abstentions/not voting. It will now move to the Assembly.

How our SGV Senators voted:

Yes - Portantino, Leyva, Archuleta; No - Chang; Abstention - Rubio

SB 347 (Monning): This bill would require businesses that sell beverages with added sugar to place warning labels about the health effects of too much sugar on their packaging or on the beverage dispensaries at a restaurant. Businesses in California offer thousands of beverages for sale from across the globe, imported from small and large companies alike. Placing the burden on business owners to affix warning labels on their products before the point of sale, as well as hang signs and label menus would be an expensive and onerous mandate. This exposes beverage manufacturers and food retailers to lawsuits, fines and penalties based on state-only labeling requirements for drinks with added sugar.

SB 347 passed the Senate after a difficult vote with 21 ayes, 11 noes, and 6 abstentions/not voting. It will now move to the Assembly.

How our SGV Senators voted:

Yes - Portantino, Leyva; No - Archuleta, Chang; Abstention - Rubio

AB 161 (Ting): This bill mandates that businesses in California switch to offering electronic receipts as the default transaction record between a consumer and a business. This mandate comes with high financial costs as well as major privacy concerns. Businesses, small and large, throughout the state use “point of sale” (POS) systems to manage a wide variety of financial information and document transactions by generating traditional receipts. Many of these POS systems are not currently equipped to generate electronic receipts. In order to comply with the requirements in AB 161, many businesses would have to replace their POS systems, disproportionately impacting smaller businesses and, depending on the number of registers, could impose massive costs on these businesses. By requiring electronic receipts, this bill requires businesses to collect more information from customers, such as email addresses or cell phone numbers, making these businesses liable if their data systems are hacked and this contact information is stolen.

AB 161 passed the Assembly with 43 ayes, 24 noes, and 13 not voting/abstentions.

How our SGV Assemblymembers voted:

Yes - Calderon, Chau, Friedman, C. Garcia, Holden; No - Chen; Abstentions - Rodriguez, Rubio

For more information, contact Brad Jensen, Director of Public Policy at the Partnership - or (626) 856-3400.


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