Partnership opposes Job Killer bill, supports federal funding for cities

Fri, May 29, 2020 11:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Partnership opposes Job Killer bill, backs federal funding for cities

Irwindale - This week, the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership voted to oppose AB 3075 (Gonzalez), a job killer bill, that would impose onerous new regulations on businesses regarding wage enforcement. The Partnership also voted to support new federal funding to assist local governments struggling with coronavirus-related budget deficits. 

"Cities are struggling due to losses in sales tax revenue, which they depend on to fund critical services," said Partnership President and CEO Bill Manis. "A new federal stimulus bill should include billions in funding to help local governments continue to fund vital services for their residents."

The Partnership's Legislative Action Committee voted to support the federal funding portion included in the HEROES Act (H.R. 6800) which would bring some $950 million to the cities of the San Gabriel Valley. It also voted to support including federal funding for local governments in a new stimulus bill originating from the U.S. Senate.

The Partnership also voted to oppose AB 3075, a job killer bill that imposes onerous new wage regulations in California and among local jurisdictions. AB 3075 would open the door to local enforcement of an unknown and potentially unlimited number of wage standards that meet or exceed the requirements of state law. This would appear to include things like the time for payment of wages, overtime standards, penalties for violations of wage standards, and a plethora of other issues currently covered by state law.

This would dramatically exacerbate a problem that already exists at the local level – overlapping, inconsistent, and contradictory labor standards. These standards make it exceedingly difficult for employers to operate in jurisdictions that have different minimum wage, paid sick leave, “ban the box” and other standards – all of which differ from each other and differ from state law, resulting in confusion, chaos and inconsistent enforcement.

AB 3075 would exponentially make that problem worse by extending such authority to unspecified local labor standards regarding “payment of wages.”  Under this proposal, a local jurisdiction could attempt to require an employer to pay wages daily, or to pay overtime wages after six hours in a day, or establish entirely new penalties for wage violations on top of penalties already imposed at the state level, as long as they are “at least as stringent” as state law.  This would make it extremely difficult for employers to operate in California, and would subject them to overlapping, duplicative and contradictory labor standards. 

For more information, contact Brad Jensen, Director of Public Policy at the Partnership.


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