November Proposition List Released, Paid Family Leave Passes State Senate

Fri, July 03, 2020 10:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

November Ballot Measure List Released, Paid Family Leave Passes State Senate

IRWINDALE - This week, a list of 12 initiatives that will appear on the November statewide ballot were released along with their assigned proposition numbers. These measures cover a host of issues and would enact sweeping changes in the state, for example Proposition 15, which if passed by voters would allow commercial properties to be exempted from the 1978 Prop 13 property tax limitations, thereby allowing significant tax increases on businesses and industries in the state. Also included in the list are measures to exempt Uber and Lyft drivers from the sweeping independent contractor law AB 5, statewide rent control, a major online privacy measure, and a constitutional amendment to allow parolees to vote.

In other significant news, the State Senate passed SB 1383, which would enact 12 weeks of paid family leave for all businesses in the state with 5 or more employees. The bill now goes to the Assembly.

"This was a significant week politically in the state, as lawmakers in the Senate chose to deliberately place a heavy burden on already struggling businesses across the state by passing paid family leave," said Bill Manis, President and CEO of the Partnership. "While we appreciate the efforts of Senator Susan Rubio, who pushed for exempting businesses with 4 or less employees, the bill will open businesses to more litigation and costly, challenging leaves for extended periods of time."

Among San Gabriel Valley lawmakers, Senators Bob Archuleta, Connie Leyva, Anthony Portantino and Susan Rubio voted for SB 1383. Senator Ling Ling Chang voted no. Our thanks to Senators Galgiani, Roth, Caballero, Dodd, Hurtado, Glazer, Umberg, and Bradford who abstained or voted no on the bill.

Here's the full list of November ballot measures with their newly assigned proposition numbers:

Proposition 14: Authorizes stem cell bonds.

Proposition 15: “Split roll” change to lift commercial property tax

Proposition 16: Constitutional amendment to remove voter-passed prohibition on affirmative action in university admissions, public hiring and contracting.

Proposition 17: Constitutional amendment to allow felony parolees to vote.

Proposition 18: Constitutional amendment allowing 17-year-olds to vote in primaries and special elections if they will be 18 for the general election.

Proposition 19: Constitutional amendment allowing elderly and disabled Californians, and wildfire victims, to retain lower property tax rates when they change properties.

Proposition 20: Rolls back sentencing and parole reforms enacted via Propositions 47 and 57.

Proposition 21: Removes statewide constraint on local governments enacting rent control.

Proposition 22: Allows gig tech companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash to continue classifying their drivers/delivery people as independent contractors.

Proposition 23: Authorizes new regulation of kidney dialysis clinics.

Proposition 24: Expands California’s online consumer privacy law.

Proposition 25: Referendum to overturn California’s prohibition on cash bail.


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