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Partnership opposes ban on selling combustion-propelled vehicles, supports clean energy clearinghouse

Fri, March 22, 2019 8:46 AM | Deleted user

Partnership opposes state ban on selling combustion-propelled vehicles, supports new clean energy clearinghouse

IRWINDALE - This week, the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership opposed legislation that would result in foolishly banning the sale combustion-propelled vehicles by 2040. The Partnership also supported a key bill that would create a new state clean energy clearinghouse agency that would coordinate public and private investment and provide strategic leadership in that developing area.

AB 40 (Ting) is a bill that requires the state Air Resources Board to develop a comprehensive strategy by January 1, 2021 to ensure all cars sold in the state are free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. 

"The language of this bill is particularly troubling, as it is not entirely clear what it means to ensure that all cars are free of greenhouse gas emissions," said Partnership President and CEO Bill Manis. "Rather than simply setting a goal, this bill appears to be prescriptive in that it would empower the Air Resources Board to eliminate the sale of combustion-propelled vehicles entirely within the state."

AB 40 has additional clarification issues, given that all vehicles - whether propelled by combustion engines or by electric motors - produce greenhouse gas emissions in their assembly. Much of our electricity today is still based on burning natural gas, which goes to charge electric vehicles. Moreover, if AB 40 were to pass, it does not preclude the purchase of combustion-propelled vehicles from out of state, leading to a worrisome policy which could drive Californians to buy their motor vehicles in neighboring states.

The Partnership this week supported AB 383 (Mayes), a bill that would create a centralized Clean Energy Financing Office within the Office of the Treasurer to provide strategic leadership for coordinated public and private investment. As California strives to meet its ambitious goal of 100 percent carbon-free electricity by the year 2045, it will need to invest billions of dollars in clean energy and energy efficiency measures to meet the state's long-term greenhouse gas emissions targets. California has dozens of programs designed to support clean energy financing solutions across several agencies and offices, ranging from rebates for solar homes to tax credits for bus retrofits. While these programs may be successful on their own, the sheer number of programs and the variety of managing entities makes coordination difficult. By creating a centralized point of contact for interested parties, the state will be able to maximize its clean energy financing investments. 

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