Workforce Development

The Partnership has a long history of offering technical assistance and networking opportunities to help businesses grow and thrive in the San Gabriel Valley. Now, as we expand our services to meet the needs of the region, we are helping businesses collaborate with educational institutions to expand the pool of skilled and work-ready graduates and professionals in growing job sectors in the San Gabriel Valley.

Pathways Programs for the Future Workforce

Career Pathways serve as a two-way street. Companies in growing industries are able to expose students to real-life work experiences and work with educators to ensure that high schools and community colleges are teaching students the skills needed for employment. At the same time, students gain the skills needed to become the future workforce of these companies upon high school or college graduation.

In the San Gabriel Valley, we know that there is a need for skilled workers in health and bio-med, business and information technology, aerospace manufacturing, and hospitality and tourism. Many of our local high schools and community colleges have created pathways for students in these fields and are looking for companies in the industry with which to partner.

Types of partnerships include:


  • Industry Visits
  • Job Shadowing
  • Student Internships
  • Teacher Externships


  • Advisory Board
  • Class Speakers
  • Skills Panel
  • Career Fair

Community College Students

In 2014, the Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Technology Linked Learning (AMETLL) Consortium was awarded the California Careers Pathways Trust (CCPT) grant through the California Department of Education, aimed at addressing the significant workforce shortages in this industry cluster. The AMETLL Consortium is comprised of five community colleges, 13 school districts, and 29 high schools throughout Los Angeles County.

The Partnership is contracted as the industry intermediary for Pasadena City College (PCC) through the AMETLL Grant (Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Technology and Linked Learning) to arrange business speakers for the classroom, business site visits for both students and teachers, and internships/job shadowing for college and high school students with the goal of providing students with real life work experience and using industry feedback to better align classroom curriculum with industry needs.

High School Students

High schools in the San Gabriel Valley are preparing students for both college and careers. Many students will not be able to afford a four-year college degree, but with the right skills and training, these students can meet workforce needs. Companies can design a training course for a local high school and create a steady flow of interns and employees.

We are currently partnering with the following school districts:

Learn more about a company that is successfully working with high school students in this Career Pathway Success Story.

Pathways Programs for the Current Workforce

Adult Education/ROP: Short-term programs to get people back to work

Contract Education: Customized Employee Training

San Gabriel Valley Colleges and Universities can customize programs designed to meet the needs of your employees. They have expertise in your workforce needs and will come to your place of business to make it easy for your employees to learn new skills.

Soft Skills Training: More and more businesses are looking for job candidates with basic skills such as the ability to develop a resume, properly fill out a job application, dress and communicate professionally, work both independently and collaboratively, and learn on the job skills. WorkSource Centers have funding to help you partner with schools to train qualified candidates for your specific needs. 

For education-to-industry intermediary services and more information on Education and Workforce Development programs, contact:

Michelle Yanez, Consultant for Workforce Development

San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

4900 Rivergrade Road, Suite B130, Irwindale, CA 91706

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