City of Pomona


Population: 154,948
Median Home Value:$358,250
Median Household Income: $51,063

Incorporated in 1888, the City of Pomona has a rich past and exciting future. Pomona is a city with a bright vision for its future, and is dedicated to the quality of life for our diverse community.Visit City Website


Key Information

Business License

All individuals and companies doing business in the City of Pomona are required by the City Code (Section 50-331, et. seq.) to obtain a City of Pomona Business License prior to commencing operations. Application for a license may be made at the Business License counter (of the Revenue Management Division) on the first floor of City Hall, during our regular business hours. It should be noted that both residential and commercial property rentals are considered as business operations, and must be licensed accordingly.
Please feel free to call the Business License Unit at 909-620-2343, should you wish additional information.

City Facts

Named in honor of the Roman goddess of fruit, the City of Pomona has a history as rich as its fertile soil.

Key City Contacts

Director of Community Development

Mark Lazzaretto
505 South Garey Avenue Pomona, CA 91766
(909) 620-2090

Deputy City Manager

Kirk Pelser
505 South Garey Avenue Pomona, CA 91766
(909) 620-2363

City Manager

Linda Lowry
505 South Garey Avenue Pomona, CA 91766
(909) 620-2051


Tim Sandoval

Councilmember (District 1)

Rubio R. Gonzalez

Councilmember (District 2)

Adriana Robledo

Councilmember (District 3)

Cristina Carrizosa

Councilmember (District 4)

Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole

Councilmember (District 5)

Ginna Escobar

Councilmember (District 6)

Robert S. Torres



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