City of Irwindale


Population: 1,462
Median Home Value: $342,500
Median Household Income: $59,999

Welcome to the City of Irwindale, also known as "Jardin de Roca," Spanish for "Garden of Rocks." Situated in the center of the San Gabriel Valley at the confluence of the 605 and 210 freeways, Irwindale is an exciting place to do business and our potential for growth rivals that of any of our neighboring cities. This is clearly demonstrated with such well-known companies as Southern California Edison, Ready Pac Produce, City of Hope, MillerCoors, Breeders Choice Pet Food, Superior Communications and Huey Fong Foods. The sand and gravel mining industry remains a significant part of the city's growth. A remarkable achievement for the city is that two of the reclaimed rock quarries will be converted into developable land in the next 10 to 15 years. Visit City Website


Key Information

Business Incentives

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Our team can assist all businesses with:

  • Identifying permit and licensing agencies
  • Referrals to service providers and economic development professionals who can offer free or low-cost information on technical assistance, financing, or workforce preparation
  • Public financing programs (Local, state, and federal)
  • Economic incentives (Enterprise, empowerment, recycling, foreign trade zones)
  • Labor market, job training, and industry support resources
  • Site selection
  • Personalized briefings tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Coordination with ports, foreign trade zones, railroads and utility companies as well as local cities and communities
  • Addressing specific industry issues and support groups
  • Human resources solutions

Major Employers

Southern California Edison
Ready Pac Produce
City of Hope
Décor-Ative Specialities

City Facts

    The City of Irwindale continues to play a major role as a significant natural resource provider for Southern California. With its reputation as a leader in the building and construction industry, Irwindale continues to provide aggregate mineral resources to the region and the State, such as rock and gravel. Vulcan Materials, Hanson Aggregates, United Rock Products, Holliday Rock, National Read Mixed Concrete, Spragues, and other aggregate resource businesses continue to be a vital part of the City’s Economy.

    Irwindale is also home to a broad mix of industrial and commercial industry leaders, such as MillerCoors, ReadyPac, Décor-Ative Specialities, Huy Fong Foods, MetLife, City of Hope. With its competitive location in the midst of three major freeways (I-10, I-605, and I-210) and “Arrow Highway,” Irwindale continues to attract new businesses.

    With established partnerships, Irwindale has found that economic growth, business expansion and attraction, community revitalization, and environmental sustainability can all be accomplished without leaving a single participant high and dry. Our partnerships with Irwindale Chamber of Commerce, the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership and the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation have proven to be of significant value.

    Key City Contacts

    Director of Community Development

    Gustavo Romo
    5050 N. Irwindale Ave. Irwindale, CA 91706
    (626) 430-2206

    City Manager

    John Davidson
    5050 N. Irwindale Ave. Irwindale, CA 91706

    Chamber of Commerce

    Executive Director
    Marlene Carney
    16102 Arrow Hwy
    P.O. Box 2307 (mailing)
    Irwindale, CA 91706


    Mark A. Breceda

    Mayor Pro Tem

    Albert F. Ambriz

    City Council Member

    Larry G. Burrola

    City Council Member

    Manuel R. Garcia

    City Council Member

    H. Manuel Ortiz



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